Pete Malaguti

Acrylic is such a versatile medium. The finished piece can look like an Oil or a Watercolour, tight or loose, Impasto or Photorealistic.

After I tried a new surface, Suede Mat, my interest in using Pastel has been rejuvenated and I just have to try the Sanded Papers!

I stretch my own 140 Ib paper the way I was taught 40 years ago … soak the paper sheet and use Paper Tape to mount it to a sturdy support.

I’ve done a lot of caricatures for people I worked with, who were retiring or having a birthday.

Before using the Mac computer, all my work was done in ink line: from the fun cartoon-y sketches to the very technical art.

Most of the time, the product wasn’t built and these illustrations were done using blueprints.





“Over the years I’ve learned to wear many hats including Art Director’s and Creative Director’s ‘hats’. And now, I have to learn another aspect of the Visual Arts … that being to create what you want, no deadlines and show ‘em where and when you want.”

“Being an avid outdoorsman and having canoed/camped in the backcountry of Algonquin Park, Killarney Park, and Temagami—as well as backpacked in Alaska, the Canadian Rockies and the Himalayas—I’ve got plenty of inspiration.”

About PETE

After having spent so many years creating work for a specific Engineering or Marketing requirement and on a deadline, I’m still getting used to being able to create a painting on my own schedule and for my own satisfaction.

classes & Events

In 2013, I was asked to teach a class and I really enjoyed it (I never thought I would, or could, teach!). And when they get frustrated with a painting they’re working on or they say “I don’t like it,” I tell my students all the time: making art is supposed to be fun! When I’m not in the classroom, I also participate in art shows.

Let’s make ART AND HAVE FUN!